About Celebrating-Survivorship.com

Celebrating-Survivorship.com gives cancer patients, survivors and supporters a place to share stories and information to improve quality of life.

Celebrating-Survivorship.com was launched to help improve the quality of life for cancer patients, survivors and the people who love them. Celebrating-Survivorship.com is a gathering place for people to share their experiences with survivorship. Cancer survivors are invited to share stories, tips, problems and ideas to lend a helping hand to other survivors. The site content will be driven by the participants as they guide each other and facilitate healing beyond simply survival.

The survival rates of many cancers are at all-time highs, including the U. S. breast cancer 5-year survival rate which has reached 90%. Research is increasingly and justifiably focusing on survivorship issues, including overall well-being. Studies aimed at improving the quality of life for female breast cancer survivors are currently being conducted by many notable research outlets including UCLA, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Susan G. Komen Foundation, Boston University School of Public Health, and Brown University. Celebrating-Survivorship.com provides an opportunity to celebrate the strides that have been made in cancer treatment and to highlight the importance of quality of life beyond the disease.

There are hundreds of different side effects that cancer survivors may experience as a result of treatment, including hair loss, fatigue, and significant weight fluctuation. But, most cancer treatment focuses heavily on surviving the disease and not on equipping patients to deal with the temporary and permanent side effects of treatment. Many survivors are embarrassed or ashamed to ask for help, feeling that they should just be grateful to be alive, so they do not talk to others about the side effects or challenges they may be experiencing. Celebrating-Survivorship.com aims to help cancer survivors through this difficult and confusing time and to allow those who have lived through the experience the opportunity to pass on what they have learned.

Celebrating-Survivorship.com is sponsored by Replens Long-Lasting Vaginal Moisturizer, a product that has been on the forefront of improving quality of life for cancer survivors. Feminine dryness is a key concern for cancer patients and survivors, making the alliance with Replens a logical partnership. However, the site will not concentrate on intimacy issues; it will provide a responsible, controlled forum for appropriate discussion of all quality of life issues facing cancer survivors.