I had been going to a very well respected and recommended breast surgeon diligently every 6 months for years. It was strange that I felt a small lump under my arm and close to my right breast and scheduled a special visit for the Dr. to examine it. She assured me not to worry that she’s seen this type of cyst throughout her entire career and it was absolutely benign. She kept telling me it was nothing--for four years—and I listened, until it got so big that I couldn’t shave under my arm without nicking the lump and bleeding.

So on January 5, 2010 I had elective surgery to remove the lump. Then I received that dreaded call…the one from the Dr. saying, “this is the worst mistake, I’ve ever made. The lump was malignant and we need to go back in and remove the lymph nodes to ensure it hasn’t spread.” The next week, I was under the knife once again and found myself thrown into a new world I had no experience with at all. The dreaded word I had feared all my life—with every routine mammogram, ultrasound and mammogram. CANCER!

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